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Know who you hire…

My previous blog looked at the soft skills I look for in every candidate. But once you have a candidate in the room with you, how do I know that person meets the criteria I have in mind? Here is how I assess whether a candidate is a good fit for us, and Inviqa is […]

Why I’m involved in EVERY recruitment

For many years I have been heavily involved in our recruitment process. I have always believed that an IT services company is a peoples’ company. If you work in IT services, you need to interact with a multitude of people: your team members, your customers, and third-party suppliers and partners so soft skills matter. Here’s […]

Building the “A Team”.
Inviqa Session Team

Having identified the opportunity with PHP, seeing the massive potential and realising that time was of the essence, I needed to move fast, but I was still missing one critical element: a team. So, with a maverick salesman and partner (Paul Wander) on board, how could I begin to build a strong PHP professional services […]

PHP? I could hardly spell it!

After leaving Sapiens, I started to represent Israeli hi-tech companies who wanted to sell their products in the UK. They were mainly product companies who understood the significance of the UK marketplace, but really didn’t understand the size of the country. “Could we get meetings in London, Manchester and Liverpool on the same day?” was […]

From Developer to CEO…really?

I decided to start writing my own blog as I wanted to share my business experience with young ambitious entrepreneurs in the Hi-tech industry. There are many blogs written by CEOs out there, but they’re often full of dry content (a lot of tax advice and office purchases). Those things are important, but as a […]